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Spring 2005 Buffalo Physician article on the Cartilage Center
The Western New York Cartilage Restoration Center (WNYCRC) is a division of the Department of Orthopaedics, State University of New York at Buffalo, and of its practice plan, UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.
The Center dedicates itself to the treatment of knee disorders involving the injury and aging of articular cartilage. The WNYCRC was founded based on the need for specialized patient care, and emphasizes the importance of patient education and research.
Cartilage injury is the most common source of knee pain. Over two million people in the U.S. suffer cartilage problems each year. The cause may be secondary to injury, or may develop gradually without trauma. Whatever the cause, areas of damaged cartilage may cause pain and at times swelling; both of which make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle.
The Western New York Cartilage Restoration Center (WNYCRC) has been established to offer a full range of contemporary treatment options for knee cartilage injuries. These include the latest minimally invasive procedures adapted for both arthroscopic and joint replacement surgery.
In some cases, not only will these procedures resolve pain and restore function, but may also delay the progression of arthritis. By sharing information on a regular basis with other regional Cartilage Restoration Centers in North America, the WNYCRC surgeons and researchers are striving to advance cartilage restoration.